!!! My offer !!!

Through hydro-(bio-)geochemical & reactive transport modeling & scientific litterature analysis, I offer to carry out R&D studies in different sectors such as:

* Oil & Gas: 

Formation waters chemistry, sulfates scaling, …

* Geological storages:
     * CCS & acid gas (H2S, …) storage:

     Well cement & steel, reservoir & caprock integrity, …

     * Underground Hydrogen Storage (UHS) in aquifers & salt caverns:

     Hydrogen-water-solid geochemical interactions & Hydrogen diffusion

     * Radwastes geological storage:

     Abiotic nitrate reduction at the bitumen-cement interface, …

* Minerals & metals:
     * hydrothermal & supergene metallogeny:

     Metal-bearing fluids speciation, …

     * Hydro-metallurgy:

     Speciation & dissolution-precipitation in unit operations, …

     * Carbon Capture & Storage by Mineralization (CCSM):

     Cementititious materials & metallurgic slags carbonation, …

* Groundwater inorganic/organic contamination:

Column experiments modeling, aquifer-scale modeling, …

* Geothermal energy:

In situ geothermal waters mixing, …

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have R&D needs corresponding to the above points OR if you have any need relevant to gas-water-solid interactions (bio-)geochemistry and/or reactive transport in porous media !

I also offer the following services:

* Formation à l’utilisation du logiciel de modélisation hydrogéochimique PHREEQC  (PH REdox EQuilibrium in C language) en “inter-” et “intra-entreprise” (“personnalisation” de la formation possible dans ce second format)
* Expertise (reports reviewing, advices on lab experiments carrying-out & chemical analyses, …)

 Looking forward to hearing from you !

Nicolas J.