Global presentation

I am a geologist with a specialization in geochemistry and especially in fluid-solid interactions and mass transport.

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Geology, geochemistry, fluid-solid interactions and mass transport

I have carried out my studies through three approaches: experimentation, characterization and numerical modeling. As an experimentalist, I have developed specific devices and conducted fluid-rock experiments (simulating conditions from atmosphere through sedimentary basins to magmatic-hydrothermal domains (25-700°C, 1-2000 bar). As a chemical analyst, I have used a wide variety of fluids and solids analytical techniques, from the more conventional (optical microscopy, XRD, SEM, TEM, etc…) to the more recent ones (LA-ICP-MS, micro-Raman spectroscopy). As a numerical modeler, I have used hydro-(geo)chemical softwares based on thermodynamics of solutions and kinetics of dissolution/precipitation of minerals, and reactive transport softwares in porous media (coupling geochemical and flow-transport softwares) at different scales (from laboratory experiments to geological reservoirs).

Experimentation, characterization and numerical modeling

I have been concerned with various contemporary/trendy topics: oil & gas exploration, acid gas (H2S-CO2) and CO2 geological storage (Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)), CO2 storage by mineralization (Carbon Capture & Storage by Mineralization (CCSM)), radwaste storage, hydrothermal metallogeny, hydro-metallurgy, hydrogen geological storage, groundwater (inorganic and organic) contamination and (archaeo-)metallurgical slags characterization. Working on these various topics gave me the opportunity to investigate different objects and geochemical systems.

Involvement in various contemporary/trendy thematic programs

Before becoming an independent geochemist, I worked as researcher in three French university labs (GeoRessources, LMDC and GET), as research engineer in the French major oil company Total and at BRGM, the French geological survey. These positions allowed me to develop a diversified professional network consisting of academics, engineers from industry and institutional people.

A diversified professional network composed of academics, engineers from industry and institutional people